LONDON – October 21, 2021

The International Grains Council (IGC) on this morning raised its forecast for the 2021/22 global corn crop, mainly due to an improved outlook for the United States production.In fact, in its monthly update, the inter-governmental body increased its 2021/22 world corn crop … Read More

BEIJING – October 21, 2021

According to the Chinese government, constant rains in recent weeks have delayed wheat planting in main production regions in China.China indeed, had completed only 26% of winter wheat planting across the nation by Oct. 19, slower by 27 percentage points than normal years.Consequentially, … Read More

Daily Market Wire – October 21, 2021

ASX wheat January 2022 down A$3/t to $342/t; Chicago wheat December contract up US13.25c/bu to 749.25c/bu; Kansas wheat December contract up 11.5c/bu to 759.75c/bu; Minneapolis wheat December up 15.5c/bu to 989.75c/bu; MATIF wheat December contract up €4.50/t to €278.25/t; MATIF … Read More

MOSCOW – October 20, 2021

Demetra, one of the largest grain traders in Russia, has supplied 60,000 tonnes of wheat to Algeria, it said in a statement on Wednesday. Demetra Trading is part of a holding with the same name, in which VTB consolidated stakes … Read More

Daily International Grain Market View

US farm markets were mixed but mostly higher yesterday.  Corn prices spilled slightly into the red by the close around 0,46% down. Soybeans moved around 0.53% higher. Spring wheat led the charge of wheat complex, moving 0.67% higher.  Winter wheat … Read More

Daily Market Wire – October 20, 2021

ASX wheat January 2022 up A$1/t to $345/t; Chicago wheat December contract down US0.25c/bu to 736c/bu; Kansas wheat December contract up 0.75c/bu to 748.25c/bu; Minneapolis wheat December up 6.5c/bu to 974.25c/bu; MATIF wheat December contract down €0.25/t to €273.25/t; MATIF … Read More

EU Oilseeds Exports/Imports update

EU Grain Exports/Imports Update

WHEAT PRICES IN THE WORLD – as of October 18, 2021

Canadian wheat prices for FOB delivery were (Cdn$/mt): – for the N1 class CWRS 13.5% – $502.83, up $3.61 per tonne; – for the N2 class CWRS 13.0% – $493.74, up $7.32/t; – for the N3 CWRS – $418.72, up … Read More

NEW DELHI – October 19, 2021

With Afghanistan in food crisis, India plans to send 50,000MT of wheat and medical aid to the Taliban-ruled country. Indian government needs to circumvent what it has described as the challenge of efficient logistics to be able to despatch any … Read More