Daily Market Wire – December 02, 2021

ASX wheat January 2022 down A$16/t to $409/t;Chicago wheat March contract up US3.2 cents per bushel to 790.4c/bu;Kansas wheat Dec. contract down 4.6c/bu to 814.2c/bu;Minneapolis wheat Dec up 17c/bu to 1037.0c/bu;MATIF wheat Dec. contract up €2.50/t to €282/t;MATIF corn January contract up €3/t at €240/t;Chicago corn March contract … Read More

TUNIS – December 01, 2021

Tunisia’s ODC state grains agency, has issued two international tenders to purchase soft wheat and durum wheat.The deadline for bids is for tomorrow morning.Particularly, as for soft wheat, Tunisia is seeking cargoes of around 25,000 tonnes for a potential volume of up to 175,000 tonnes.The … Read More

Daily International Grain Market View

Omicron has scared all markets. Indeed, mounting warries that the new covid variant could spark a global economic slowdown led to a broad selloff yesterday affecting everything from stocks and energy prices to grain and livestock futures.  Thus, corn prices … Read More

Daily Market Wire – December 01, 2021

ASX wheat January 2022 down A$10/t to $425/t;Chicago wheat Dec. contract down US33.6 cents per bushel to 773.6c/bu;Kansas wheat Dec. contract down 35c/bu to 819c/bu;Minneapolis wheat Dec. down 22.2c/bu to 1020.0c/bu;MATIF wheat Dec contract down €7.5/t to €279.50/t;MATIF corn January contract down €10/t at €237/t;Chicago corn Dec. contract … Read More

BRUSSELS – November 30, 2021

According to the European Commission, softwheat exports from the EU in the 2021/22 season that started in July continued to run last week.Indeed, as of Nov. 28, EU soft wheat exports had reached 11.62 million tonnes, up from 10.27 million tonnes by the same … Read More

BRUSSELS – November 30, 2021

EU Oilseeds Exports/Imports update

BRUSSELS – November 30, 2021

EU Grain Exports/Imports Update.

World Wheat Outlook as of November 30, 2021

Fundamentals in world wheat are unchanged.Tigth supplies.Importers countries that remain under covered.However, all markets has been heavily down after the last Friday’s broad selloff, as Omicron came out. Operators are tring to understand what effect it will have on demand and the movement of goods.Meantime, … Read More

SASKATOON – November 30, 2021

Railcars are moving again through the Rocky Mountains following the historic storm mid-November. However, there are some worries if the new rains on maps over the weekend and the big precipitation expected today will cause additional damage. Rail disruptions had put pressure … Read More

WHEAT PRICES IN THE WORLD – as of November 29, 2021

Canadian wheat prices for FOB delivery West Coast were (Cdn$/mt): – for the N1 class CWRS 13.5% – $546.16, up $6.88 per tonne; – for the N2 class CWRS 13.0% – $536.78, up $7.77/t;– for the N3 CWRS – $484.7, down $3.26;– for … Read More