StatCan trimmed on this morning, its estimate on 2021 Canada canola harvest, the smallest in 14 years.
At the same time, slashed its assessment of durum wheat production to the lowest level on record.
Particularly, Canadian canola production was pegged to 12.6 million tonnes, slightly lower than 12,8 million estimated in September and in line with the expectation of operators.
Meantime, StatsCan pegged the all-wheat harvest at 21.7 million tonnes (down 38.5% from last year).
That was substantially unchanged from previous estimates but exceeding the average trade expectation of 21.2 million tonnes, as spring wheat harvets amounted at 16-million tonnes, increasing from September’s estimates of 15.3 million.
However, its should to note that StatsCan cut its durum wheat estimate to 2.7 million tonnes from 3.5 million, surprising the market.

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