Canadian wheat prices for FOB delivery West Coast were (Cdn$/mt): 
– for the N1 class CWRS 13.5% – $539.28, up $11.54 per tonne; 
– for the N2 class CWRS 13.0% – $529.01, up $11.75/t;
– for the N3 CWRS – $487.96, up $22.25;
– for the N1 CWAD FOB Great Lakes – $856.96, up $11.59 per tonne.
US HRS for Dec. ’21 is valued at $438/ mt FOB PNW (down $19/mt from last week).
FOB Gulf HRW 11.5 pro is valued at $392/mt (up $9/mt from last week).
Australian wheat new crop FOB for January ’22 delivery was quoted at $355/mt, unchanged from last week.
Argentine wheat FOB for Dec. 12% protein, was valued at $312/mt, unchanged from last week. 
FOB prices in the EU have seen, Dec. French 11.5% pro to close at $351/mt, up $6/mt from last week.
French durum wheat for human use, FOB Port la Nouvelle, as of Nov. 17, quoted $542/t.
French durum wheat, feed use – basis La Pallice, quoted $505.53/mt at the end of last week, down $0.3 from prior week.
Spanish durum wheat Sevilla (DepSilo), as of Nov. 18 was at $606.63/mt, down $7.17 from prior week.
Italian durum wheat Bologna (Delivered to first customer), as of Nov. 18, valued at $610/mt, down $7.22/mt from prior week.
Dec. German 12.5 pro wheat closed at $349.80, up $8.60/mt.
Dec. Baltic 12.5 pro wheat was at $346.30/mt, up $7.40/mt.
(EUR/USD = $1.1234).
Russian wheat with 12.5% protein loading from Black Sea ports for supply in the second half of November, was at $337 a tonne, FOB, at the end of last week, up $5 from the previous week.
(USD/RUB = ₽74,8046).

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