According to the US Department of Agriculture, for the period March 26-April 01, 2021 about soybean net sales reductions 92,500MT for 20/21–a marketing-year low–were down noticeably from the previous week and from the prior 4-week average. Increases primarily for Egypt (66,200MT, includ. 65,000MT switc. from unkn. destin. and decrea. of 2,500MT), Japan (40,700MT, including 8,800MT switc. from unkn. destin.), Indonesia (21,100MT, including decreases of 200MT), Mexico (13,200MT, includ. decreases of 900MT), and SaudiArabia (10,400MT, includ. 9,500MT switc. from unkn. destin.), were offset by reductions primarily for China (216,100MT). For 21/22, net sales of 338,600MT were reported for China (264,000MT), Taiwan (65,000MT), Mexico (10,000MT), and Thailand (300MT), were offset by reductions for Japan (700MT). Exports of 345,200MT–a MY low–were down 25% from the prev. week and 37% from the prior 4-week average. The destin. were primarily to Egypt (119,200MT), Mexico (76,500MT), CostaRica (27,100MT), Indonesia (26,100MT), and Taiwan (18,500MT).

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