The rail recovery in Canada continues to be slow.
Rain is still hampering repair efforts. 
Consequently, deliveries to Vancouver terminals were small and will continue to be restricted also in the next days. 
In this context, Canadian Gov’t has asked Vancouver terminals to prioritize feed grain deliveries to British Columbia over wheat exports. 
Indeed, Canadian wheat exports (exluses durum) during week 17 were 245.4k mt for a season total of 4.17 million mt, down 38% from last year. 
Visible supplies in the Canadian elevator system grew to 1.61 million mt but supplies in Vancouver and Prince Rupert shrank to 52.0k mt and 124.6k mt respectively.
Meantime, last week Stats Canada put Canadian all wheat production at 21.65 million mt. 
This was 450k mt higher than what trade was expecting. 
Particularly, spring wheat production was put at 16 million mt (62% of last year’s volume), which was significantly higher than the 14.70 million mt that the trade was expecting.
However, the largest surprise in the StatsCan numbers was in durum wheat. 
Stats Canada, indeed, put Canadian durum production 891k mt lower than AAFC’s number to just 2.65 mln mt. 
This was well below the 3.60 mln mt that the trade was expecting. 
AAFC already had ending stocks and domestic use at low levels. 
So, if the 2.65 mln mt production number were correct, most of the 891k mt decrease would have to come out of exports. 
This would take exports down to 2.21 million mt.
Stats Canada’s production number would lower total supply to ~3.43 mln mt. 
Meantime, as of shipping week 17, producers have delivered 1.28 mln mt of durum into the Canadian elevator system. 
This means that just over 30% of the total supply has been delivered which is in-line with last year.
Canada exported 22.2k mt of durum during shipping week 17 for a year-to-date total of 1.07 mln mt. 
Consequently, this represents roughly 48% of Canadian exportable supplies.
Last year just 33% of the exportable supplies had been exported.
In this context, Canadian bids were slightly lower last week.
Particularly, as for durum wheat bids were mixed.
Indeed, in St. Lawrence prices fell by Cnd 4.09/mt to ~C$871.09/mt, while durum street prices in Rosetown, continued to quote at $716.88, unchanged from past week, even if export basis rose again at CAD $151.28, from $145.07/mt of previus week.
That was up $6.21 higher.

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