Consultancy Tallage SAS – Stratégie grains cut its estimate for France’s 2021 softwheat harvest this morning after a crop tour showed lower than expected yields.
Consequentially, Strategie Grains now expects the soft wheat harvest at between 37 million and 37.5 million tonnes, down from nearly 38 million tonnes forecasted last week.
The Strategie Grains estimate is now in line with the French farm ministry data.
So, the 2021 harvest would still be well above last year, when France harvested only 29 million tonnes of soft wheat.
However, the northeastern grain fields inspected, showed a disappoint overall quality of the harvest.
In fact, they expect now a sharp drop in terms of Hagberg falling numbers and very heterogeneous specific weights.
The protein level seems less of a concern, with an estimate of 11.6% on average released by crop institute ARVALIS – Institut du végétal for this month.
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