BISMARK -North Dakota- June 08, 2022

While some producers are just finished planting their wheat, others report they half done or less, after a delayed start to planting and slow progress due to wet conditions. 

Planting progress varies quite a bit depending on location, spring weather and soil moisture conditions. 

Some fields are too wet to plant any crop and planting past June 10 or 15 is not an ideal option in an already short growing season.

This week’s USDA Crop Progress report showed that approximately three-fourths of the state’s intended spring wheat acres are planted, up from 59% a week ago, but well below 97% on average. 

The forecast for the current week indicates below normal temperatures and scattered chances of precipitation. 

Emergence of the crop is also behind, with about a third of the spring wheat emerged, behind the average of 81%. 

However, although the excess precipitation in areas has hindered planting progress, it has been beneficial to get crop development off to a good start.

Also durum producers continued to make progress on planting crop’ with just over 60% planted, up from 46% a week ago. 

Most of the durum in the southwest part of the state has been planted, but planting continues in the northwest and progress varies quite a bit depending on rainfall amounts. 

Some acres may go unplanted due to wet conditions and the lateness of the season. 

Many producers will continue to plant through the next week. 

Emergence is at just under 30% versus 70% on average.

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