BRUSSELS – June 20, 2022

The yield outlook for EU winter crops was slightly reduced for the third consecutive month.

At EU level, the yield forecasts for soft wheat, durum wheat and winter barley are now just below the 5-year average.

The forecasts for rapeseed, maize and sunflowers were also reduced but remain at, or just above, the 5-year average.

Forecasts for sugar beet, potatoes, and soybeans (still mostly based on historical trends), as well as spring barley, remain essentially unchanged.

The main reason for the reduced yield outlook is the continued drier-than-usual conditions in large parts of Europe, with the strongest impacts in regions where these are combined with hot temperatures.

In the BalticSea region, crops were negatively affected by persistently colder-than-usual weather.

The strongest downward revision (by almost 5% at EU level) was for durum wheat in southern Europe.

Soft wheat was revised downward in 13 of the 25 EU wheat producing countries; most importantly in Hungary, Romania, Poland, and France.

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