US farm markets saw some bargain buyers handing out double-digit gains for both corn and soybeans on Monday.

Corn prices, indeed, climbed 2.98% higher.

Soybean rose by +2.60%, with soymeal up 0.76%, while soyoil jumped 3.17% higher.

Wheat prices also trended higher, but gains were much more modest.

Chicago SRW indeed added +0.21%, Kansas City HRW picked up by +0.18%, and MGEX HRS gained +0.68%.

In Europe grain prices continued their downwards movement, with wheat setting a new 22-month low.

Rapeseed also continued to fall, in the wake of palm prices still losing ground.

Oil prices rose about 0.5% as supplies shrank, while demand was seen higher.

The Baltic Exchange’s main sea freight index in London was down 1.4%, falling for an eighth straight session.

On Wall Street, US stock indexes settled mixed, as investors are awaiting debt-ceiling developments.

The DXY  was unchanged, with the dollar little changed.

Notably, Chicago wheat July contract was up 1.2c/bu to 606.2c/bu;

Kansas wheat Jul contract was up 1.4c/bu to 825.6c/bu;

Minneapolis wheat Jul contract was up 5.4c/bu to 809.4c/bu;

MATIF wheat Sep contract, was down €1.5/t to €221/t;

BlackSea wheat June contract was down $1.75/t to $263.75/t;

ASX wheat Jul contract, was down A$3.5/t to A$369/t;

US DWI Cash (durumwheat index) was down 0.65c/bu 805.29c/bu;

1CWAD (Canadian durum) avg reg was down C$0.67/t to C$401.90/t;

EDW (EU durum) Sep contract, was down €3.75/t to €355/t;

Chicago corn Jul was up 16.4c/bu to 571c/bu;

MATIF corn Jun, was down €3.25/t to €217.5/t;

Soybeans Jul contract up 34c/bu to 1341.2c/bu;

Winnipeg canola Jul the market was closed;

MATIF rapeseed Aug contract, was down 3/t to €392.75/t;

Brent crude Jul was up US$0.41 per barrel to $75.99;

WTI crude Jul was up US$0.36 per barrel to $72.05;

BDI Baltic Dry Index was down 19 points to 1.365;

Dow Jones was down 140.05 points to 33.286,58;

S&P 500 was up 0.65 points to 4.192,63;

NASDAQ Composite up 62.88 points to 12.720,78;

US dollar index (Jun ’23) was unchanged to 103.079;

AUD/USD firmer at US$0.6652;

USD/CAD firmer at $1.3504;

EUR/USD firmer at $1.0812;

USD/RUB firmer at ₽80.4911.

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