According to the European Commission, softwheat exports from the EU in the 2021/22 season that started in July continued to run last week.
Indeed, as of Dec. 05, EU soft wheat exports had reached 12.84 million tonnes, up from 11.62  million tonnes of last week and above last season, when 11.54 million tonnes had been exported by the same week
As for durum wheat, EU export were at 255.087t.
That was up from  252.105 of prior week, noticeably up from 106.972 t by the same week in 2020/21 and up from 343.490 t by the same week in 2019/20. 
As for barley, EU data showed 2021/22 exports at 4.31 million tonnes, against 3.49 million a year ago and 4.12 million tonnes reported a week ago.
Meantime, EU corn imports reached 5.63 million tonnes, against a revised 7.43 million a year ago. 
EU 2021/22 soybeans import, had reached 5.29 million tonnes, down from 6,29 million tonnes in 2020/21 at same week.
EU 2021/22 rapeseed imports, were at 2,02 million tonnes, down from 3.1 million tonnes a year ago.

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