CHICAGO – July 21, 2021

U.S. winter wheat futures rose for the sixth day in a row today as adverse weather in key exporting countries raised supply concerns. MGEX springwheat futures, meantime, were down 1.8%, with traders noting that much of the concern about the … Read More

BEIJING – July 21, 2021

According to the country’s grain stockpiler Sinograin Oils Corp., China will auction 23,488 tonnes of corn imported from Ukraine on next July 23. The imported grain, stored at warehouses in Shandong and Guangdong provinces, was produced in 2020. China started … Read More

Daily International Grain Market View

US grain prices were mixed but mostly higer yesterday. Operators returned to observe the hot and dry weather forecasted in the central U.S. for the rest of July. Consequentially, corn prices jumped more than 2.5% higher. Soybeans closing with double-digit … Read More

Daily Market Wire – July 21, 2021

ASX wheat July contract up $4/t to A$312/t; Chicago wheat September contract up US2.75c/bu to 700.5c; Kansas wheat September contract up 8c/bu to 660.25c; Minneapolis wheat September contract down 7.75c/bu to 916c; MATIF wheat September contract up €1.25/t to €215.50/t; … Read More

EU Grain Exports/Imports Update

ENNA – July 20, 2021

WORLDWIDE WHEAT PRODUCTION FORECAST USDA lowered global wheat production by 2.0 million mt to 792.4 million mt (775.8 million mt last year). Total wheat supply was reduced to 1,082.6 million mt, but is still 7.6 million mt more than last … Read More

Daily International Grain Market View

A big selloff yesterday in stocks, energy futures and other commodities pushed soybeans more than 1.5% lower, while corn prices remained mostly stable. Wheat contracts, meantime, grabbed moderate gains as near and mid-range weather forecasts suggest a very dry weather … Read More

Daily Market Wire – July 20, 2021

ASX wheat July contract up $5/t to A$308/t; Chicago wheat September contract up US5.25c/bu to 697.75c; Kansas wheat September contract up 0.75c/bu to 652.25c; Minneapolis wheat September contract up 6.5c/bu to 923.75c; MATIF wheat September contract unchanged at €214.25/t; MATIF … Read More

BEIJING – July 19, 2021

China released customs data for several commodities this morning confirming the increase in imports for many of them this year. They unloaded 3.75 MMT of corn during June, which was 305% above a year ago, bringing the total for the … Read More


US wheat prices continued to trade significantly higher Friday on tightening US stocks. The Russian lower production potential and some weather woes in Europe have did post to the wheat the biggest weekly gains sice six years. Soybeans trended modestly … Read More