WASHINGTON – March 09, 2022 WASDE – Approved by the World Agricultural Outlook Board

OILSEEDSU.S. soybean supply and use changes for 2021/22 include higher exports and lower ending stocks compared with last month’s report. Soybean exports are raised 40 million bushels to 2.09 billion with lower production and reduced exports for SouthAmerica.Soybean ending stocks are projected at 285 million bushels, … Read More

Daily International Grain Market View

With the year set to end, US farm markets sold off yesterday. Thin trading volumes continued to linger over grain markets. Today is First Notice Day for the January contracts and Month-end, year-end, and week-end positioning weighened on all grain prices.  Rains … Read More

Daily Market Wire – December 31, 2021

ASX wheat January 2022 contract up $5/t to $360/t.; Chicago wheat March contract down US8 cents per bushel to 779.6c/bu;Kansas wheat March contract down 11.6c/bu to 812.6c/bu;Minneapolis wheat March down 17.4c/bu to 991.4c/bu;MATIF wheat March contract down €2.25/t at €280/t;MATIF corn January contract was down €0.75/t to €238/t;Chicago … Read More

WASHINGTON – December 30, 2021

According to the US Department of Agriculture, weekly export sales for the period December 17-23, 2021 were for wheat at 199,500 metric tons (MT). That was down 53% from the previous week and 43% from the prior 4-week average. Increases … Read More

Daily Market Wire – December 30, 2021

ASX wheat January 2022 contract down $6/t to $355/t.;Chicago wheat March contract up US4.2 cents per bushel to 787.6c/bu;Kansas wheat March contract up 2.6c/bu to 824.4c/bu;Minneapolis wheat March up 9.4c/bu to 1009c/bu;MATIF wheat March contract up €1.75/t at €282.25/t;MATIF corn January contract was down €2.25/t to €238.75/t;Chicago corn … Read More

Daily International Grain Market View

US farm markets had a sharp drop in prices for all products yesterday, in a context of profit taking. Wheat, suffered significant losses in a market dominated mainly by position adjustments as the end of the year approached. Corn and soybeans … Read More

ROME – December 03, 2021

Per latest data released yesterday by the FAO, wheat 2021 production trimmed further, mostly on lower estimates for Brazil and the UK, resulting in global production falling by nearly 1 percent from last year’s record.Utilization in 2021/22 lowered on weaker … Read More

MOSCOW – December 03, 2021

Russian Agriculture Ministry has amended export duties for # wheat, barley and corn for the period Dec. 08-14, 2021.As for wheat the export duty continue to increase from 80.80 USD/t the prior week, to 84.9 USD/t for the referred period.The indicative price moved up from 315.5 … Read More

Daily International Grain Market View

US farm markets, had a couple of rough sessions to start the week.  However, most contracts reversed higher in yesterday session, after first signals seen in Wedsneday’s session.  Thus, corn prices rose nearly 1%. Soybean prices were up 1.30%.  Wheat … Read More

Daily Market Wire – December 03, 2021

ASX wheat January 2022 down A$1/t to $408/t;Chicago wheat March contract up US24.4 cents per bushel to 815c/bu;Kansas wheat Dec. contract up 24.2c/bu to 838.40c/bu;Minneapolis wheat Dec. up 24c/bu to 1061.00c/bu;MATIF wheat Dec. contract up €8.50/t to €290.50/t;MATIF corn January contract up … Read More