Who we are

The revolution in wheat trading!

CEO & Founder

Sandro Filippo Puglisi

Modern generation "General Manager", sensitive to the multiple needs of primary and processing industries. With a deep connection to the territory, he works with his collaborators, customers and suppliers on a daily basis, with the aim of understanding their needs and expectations. Since 1994, thanks to his active role in the family business, he has been involved in several socio-economic, associative and corporate initiatives.


Ernesto Calabrese

Graduated with honours in Hydraulic Engineering from the University of Palermo in 1976. Technical Director of several construction companies. Freelancer and owner of a private office in Palermo until 2009. University Professor for Engineering students between 1994 and 1998. Agricultural Entrepreneur, owner of an agro-zootechnical company with a focus on Organic production.

Santo Cantali

He is an accountant and commercial expert, strongly tied to the agricultural sector. He runs a company specialising in the production of cereal and organic products. He also plays a number of functions, including sales and quality management for an important plastic raw material production and processing company, Regional Manager of the U.G.E.M. Training Sector, and National Manager of the National Civil Service Training Sector.

Patrizia Giuffrida

Graduated in Food Science and Technology, Food Technologist and Research Technician in Biopolymers and Biological products of microbial origin. Expert in Quality Management Systems, she has had the chance to give her support as a technical and administrative expert to a well-known accounting firm operating in the province of Catania, and as a Food Technical Representative at the Consortium for the promotion and valorisation of Sicilian Durum Wheat.

Giusy Marilena Saguto

Graduated in Food Science and Technology, she started her professional career as a HACCP consultant in various food companies, thus developing many trustful and professional relationships. From 2007 to 2015 she was involved in the promotion of Sicilian durum wheat and its derivatives, working within the Consortium for the promotion of Sicilian durum wheat. Since 2015, she has been managing logistics and quality control of a stock point of grain storage and organic production for a well-known company.

Sergio Virzì

He follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. He graduated in Law in 2008 and immediately began his professional career. His dedication and commitment to his work have led him to build trustful, loyal, honest and professional relationships with his clients and his colleagues. In addition to his legal activity, he also has a passion for agriculture, which he received from his father and his uncle, and he collaborates with self-denial in the management of family businesses specializing in cereal, fodder and olive oil production.

Calogero Davide Zingale

Graduated in Electronic Engineering with a major in Telecommunications, he is a registered member of the Engineers Board of Catania. Besides, he has taken part in several social, educational and institutional activities, in various operation roles, and has also worked as a Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics Professor in several University Institutes and Consortia. He still works as a designer of LAN networks with Wi-Fi standards (IEEE 802.11g), of home automation systems and energy efficiency. Energy Manager and Expert in Energy Management, he is an E.S.C.O. Technical Manager for several electric, thermal and renewable source systems.