Per latest data released in today’s USDA WASDE report, Canada wheat production was revised down on expected increase in spring wheat abandonment.
USDA, indde, estimates Canada wheat production for marketing year (MY) 2021/22 at 21.0 million metric tons (mmt), down 2.0 mmt (9 percent) from last month, 14.2 mmt (40 percent) from last year, and 35 percent below the 5-year average.
Harvested area is estimated at 8.5 million hectares, down 700,000 hectares (8 percent) from last month, 15 percent below last year, and 11 percent below the 5-year average.
Yield is estimated at 2.47 metric tons per hectare, down 1 percent from last month, 30 percent from last year, and 28 percent below the 5-year average.
Statistics Canada (StatCan) revised its total wheat production and yield estimates downward 5 percent on updates to its integrated crop yield model.
Yields for spring and durum wheat are expected to be well-below average due to the historic drought affecting western Canada.
Above-average area abandonment for several crops has been widely reported by industry sources, and Canadian crop insurance agencies have incentivized salvaging poor crops for feed to offset feed shortages.
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