Provided Services

Built on modern technologies based on "Blockchain" and "RFid", allow direct contact between farmers, processors, private and/or institutional investors in total transparency and security.

An opportunity for investors

Determine your investment

Guaranteed or variable investment - Conventional or specialized investment Access a dedicated Smart Contract that allows you to perform all the transactions you want, according to predetermined and personalized conditions.

Protect your savings

Withhold capital, with a real guarantee P.L.INT. Takes take care of it in a customized area, keeping your stock under modified atmosphere.

Return on investment in advance

Redeem the profit margin agreed right after the completion of the investment process. Capital is returned automatically as soon as contractual terms expire.

A support for farmers

Entrust us with your harvest

P.L.INT. stores your harvest a customized area and stored in a modified atmosphere.

Agree on the price

Access a Smart Contract and negotiate the price with S.W.B.

Get 50% now

Get 50% of the agreed amount on delivery, and the rest after the sale.

Do you want to learn more about the project and how to be part of it?

A solution for stackers

Optimize your company

Provide P.L.INT. with facilities and services, to preserve small and medium sized savers' fixed assets properly, in accordance with S.W.B. parameters.

Empower your services

You agree with S.W.B. on the value of the service you offer.

Get a reliable and constant revenue

Access a Smart Contract and receive the agreed amount on a monthly basis with no significant commercial risk.

A solution for processors

Buy the quantity you want when you want

Purchase as much raw material as you want, whenever you need it. Choose from a wide range of products that have been properly identified, analysed, classified, quantified and certified.

Define costs on a regular basis

Through SWB, you can indicate on a daily basis the amount of money you want to spend on what you really need.

Fast and personalized payment

Access a Smart Contract and get goods delivered within a few days after the transaction. Pay the amount you agreed with S.W.B. upon delivery. Get a structured plan of payments, tailored to your specific business needs.

By accessing S.W.B. S.p.A., you can enable a whole series of services:

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