ASX wheat Jan 2023 was down A$1/t to A$402/t;

Chicago wheat Dec contract was up US13.6 cents to 771.4c/bu;

Kansas wheat Dec contract was up 12.2c/bu to 913.2c/bu;

Minneapolis wheat Dec contract was up 16.4c/bu to 956.6c/bu;

MATIF wheat Dec contract was up €0.5/t to €326.5/t;

Black Sea wheat Dec contract was up $1.25/t to $317.25/t;

US DWI Cash (durum wheat index) was unchanged to 968.91c/bu;

1CWAD (Canadian durum) avg reg was down C$0.84/t to C$488.59/t;

EDW (European durum) Dec contract was up €3.5/t to €501/t;

MATIF corn March contract was up €1/t to €300.5/t;

Chicago corn Dec contract down 3.6c/bu to 662c/bu;

Soybeans Jan contract up 10c/bu to 1469.4c/bu;

Winnipeg canola Jan contract, was up C$9.4/t to C$845.50/t;

MATIF rapeseed Feb contract was up €13.75/t to €599.5/t.

Brent crude Feb was up US$2.72 per barrel to $86.97;

WTI crude Jan was up US$2.35 per barrel to $80.55.

BDI Baltic Dry Index was up 28 points to 1,355;

Dow Jones was up 737.24 points to 34.589,77;

S&P 500 was up 122,48 points to 4.080,11;

NASDAQ Composite up 484.22 points to 11.468,00;

US dollar index (Dec ’22) was down 0.871 to 105.897;

AUD/USD firmer at US$0.6787;

USD/CAD weaker at $1.3409;

EUR/USD firmer at $1.0406;

USD/RUB weaker at ₽60.9250.

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